The Department of Arid Land includes a large number of scientific equipments, glasswares and chemicales contained in the different laboratories of the department, namely Renewable Natural Resources, Soil, Tissue Cultures, Field Crops, Horticulture, Animal Production and Plant Diseases. For instance, there is the flow injection analyzer that determines some elements in organic and inorganic materials. Spectrophotometer analyzing a lot of numbers of elements is also found in some laboratories beside those instruments used to determine nitrogen, protein, fixed and essential oils, calorific values of food as well as wood and its various carbonaceous products. In addition, there are distillation devices, ovens muffles, incubators, centrifugers, Ph-meters, salinity meters and electric conductivity meters. At Huda El-Sham, there are important instruments and units for milk products industry, egg and honey products as well as agricultural machines, tractors and cars.

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