The research activities in the various agricultural domains receive special priority from the Department of Arid Land Agriculture as cultivating the desert land is regarded as great challenge in the western area of the kingdom and deserves this care.. 

-From the beginning and before even constructing labs, the research activities began in the section:

-There were various domains that cannot be listed here that attracted the researchers. The evidence for these are the established research projects, the number of research papers which were produced or discussed in the scientific conferences or issued in the faculty journals.

-According to the wise policy of scientific research in the university, the department pays attention to the research that have relations with the society development. While the department received a lot of financial grants from the university or from the City of King Abdul Aziz for Science and Technology, the section also has made a lot of agreements with European and American Universities in the domain of scientific research and the Agricultural Station for Research in Huda El-Sham is an evidence which proves those research activities.

 The Agricultural Station for Researches in Huda El-Sham:

-The station was opened in 1406 H, and it is located in Huda El-sham about 120 Km North East of Jeddah.

-This Agricultural Station for Researches is a good example for the relation between the department and the society. Because of the policy of the Department of Arid Land Agriculture in serving the environment and supporting scientific researches related to cultivation and reclamation of the arid land and improving the plant and animal production, and to cope with the general policy for the kingdom that aims at supporting the agriculture domain, so the Agricultural Station for Researches in Huda El-Sham was established.

-The station aims to achieve the educational goals of the department and running of the practical and applied training of the under- and post- agraduate studentsas well as practical part of the PhD of the faculty member who studying abroad in cooperation with the universities in which those students are studying.

-As a result of support and cooperation from the university administration, the station is regarded as a directional model for the agricultural production.

-The station includes equipments that help in cultivating and improving a lot of horticultural and field crops and timber trees adapted with the environmental conditions domained in the Western region of the kingdom, with paying great attention to studying the different systems of agricultural production, which include greenhouse agriculture and the ways to improve the quality of crops.

-The station also concentrates on methods of improving and breeding of animals and livestock, and especially inter-crossing of international and local genotype to produce generations with universal production qualities adapted to the local environment.

- The station is also interested in production and improvement of honeybees unit and its various products through an unique apiary work.


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