Department of Arid Land Agriculture


-*Paying great attention to the problems that impede development in the domain of agricultural production (both plant and the animal production) in the Western area of the kingdom and generally in the arid land and to find the scientific and applied solutions to solve these problems in order to enrich the scientific research and qualifying national cadres who can satisfy the needs of work and research in the kingdom .

*- As an interest to cope with the globaltechnical and scientific development,that requires using modern agricultural techniques to raise production in both plants and animals sectorsthe Arid Land Agricultural Department shows special interest in using thenonconventional modern agricultural technical systems such as greenhouses hydroponics, tissue culture and genetic engineering and intiationof genetic programs for the sake of rehabitating, selecting and planting of adapted types of crops suitable for environmental conditions of arid lands. Furthermore, the department is interested in producing horticultural crops, field crops and animals which are distinguished by their quality of nutritious content, and this will be throughout many stages of study, namely bachelor, master and PhD degrees .

*- According to the department policy in ensuring services of food safety in the kingdom and in finding good relations with the society and the scientific research support, theagricultural station for researches in Huda El-sham received the modernist international technology and devices, labs, shops of agriculture production such as units of milk, cheese, chicken, and meat production, the modern irrigation systems using the treated drainage water and sea water, reclamation of lands and storage of horticultural crops. In addition, there are a lot of specialized labs in the main building of the college, namely soil sciences, tissue culture plant diseases, and many of the research and educational devices

*- The department works always in coordination with the governmental bodies, companies, and agricultural institutions to satisfy their requirements for qualified agricultural Saudi cadres to cope with the agricultural improvement plan, to provide consultations and specialized technical studies of agriculture. The department also received a lot of supported research grants locally from the university of King Abdul Aziz and also external from a lot of governmental institutions such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Municipality of Jeddah, and also academic institutions such as the City of King Abdul Aziz for Sciences and Technology and internationally from organizations such as the Islamic Bank for Development, in addition to a lot of supported research projects .


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