Department of Arid Land Agriculture

The department was established in 1395/1396 H as one of the main four departments of the Faculty of Meteorology and Environmental Studies. 

In 1405 H, the university council agreed on changing its name into the Faculty of Meteorology, Environment and Arid Land Agriculture, and this to ensure the role of the Arid Land Agriculture Department, which had developed greatly during that time. The interesting in cultivating the arid land comes from the nature of the environment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in which water, temperature, and salinity are the most important factors affecting the agricultural production.


The department pays great attention to the problems that impede development in the domain of agricultural production (both plant and animal production) in the Western region of the Kingdom and generally in the arid land. It aims to find scientific and applied solutions to these problems in order to enrich scientific research and qualify national cadres who can fulfill the needs of labor market and research in the Kingdom.



Distinction and creativity, locally and regionally, in the field of arid land agriculture



Preparation and training of the specialized scientific personal in the field of agricultural sciences for the benefit of society in the arid land.



  • 1-Improving the educational process to keep pace with the development of local and international developments.
  • 2-Preparation of national carders qualified to cope the labor market and participate in the sustainable development in the agricultural production sector plans.
  • 3-Conduct scientific research that interested in solving the problems facing the agricultural production sector in the dry areas.
  • 4-Activating of ways communicate with the community to identify problems and find solutions for agricultural sector in the dry land.
  • 5-Use the modern technologies in production, improvement and trading of agricultural crops.
  • 6-Focus on the use of the most agricultural methods in the dry area.
  • 7-Work to improving the qualities of endurance to drought, salt and temperature in the agricultural both plant and animal sectors.